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Scratch Art

Scratch Art

A sheet of paper is coloured with crayons and covered with a layer of black paint. Scratching the paper will unravel the colours beneath, forming beautiful images!

Sand Art

Sand Art

Colourful sand are spread on a piece of drawing with glue. All that is left is to shake the paper and be amazed!

Potato Seal

Potato Seal

Chunks of potatoes are cut out into desired shapes. When dipped into ink, they act just like stamps. Here’s to some stamping good time!

Sand Art Candle (resized)

Candle Making

Participants can create colourful candle cups by layering the sand colours as they wish. The final product can be used as a decorative piece at home!

Mooncake Making

Mooncake Making

Love those little round mooncakes? Why not sweeten up taste buds at your event with our mooncake making sessions! Definitely a great bonding activity for families and colleagues alike.

Kite Making

Kite Making

Participants will get to draw and design their own kites. What makes it even more exciting is that the kites can be flown immediately!

*Highly suitable for outdoor events*



Kirigami is the art of cutting designs out of a single piece of paper. With a few snips of the scissors, form pop-out effects that can be use as decorations or in greeting cards!

Crepe Paper Art

Crepe Paper Art

Delicate pieces of crepe paper can be put together to form amazing art pieces. Definitely a good way to add some colourful goodness to your event! *Crepe paper available in different colours*

Clay making (resized)

Clay Making

Clay of different colours will be provided. Participants will get to mould them into fruits, characters and many more!

Caricature Keychains (resized)

Caricature Keychains

Taking caricature to the next level, we have the caricature keychains. Participants will get to keep their keychains and share their wacky side with the world!

Chinese knoting (resized)

Chinese Knotting

Chinese Knotting is an art that dates back to pre-historic times. So why not add some festive feel to your event with our step-by-step Chinese knotting sessions!

Bouncy Castle (resized)

Bouncy Castle

Double up the joy at your event with some bouncy fun! Feel free to capture the smiles on the kids as they bounce away.

*For kids 6-12 years old Different sizes available for indoor/outdoor events*

Face Painting (resized)

Face Painting

Our facilitators will transform participants into different characters with a few brush of face paints.

Fun, easy and hassle-free, it’s a perfect activity for an event with a theme!

Talent - Airbrush Tattoo 20131024_183914

Airbrush Tattoo

Selected designs will be transformed into real-looking tattoos on the spot.

*Extra fun: Glow in the dark ink available*

Express Manicure (resized)

Express Manicure

What could be more photo-worthy then pretty nail colours? Our express manicure gives a refreshing look and adds character to nails within minutes! Sure to capture the hearts of kids and adults alike.

Video Game

Video Game Station

Kinect is definitely a hot favourite amongst the kids! What’s more, no consoles are needed.

*Suitable for all ages* *Singing, dancing, sports games available*



Henna is a form of temporary body art, where dye is applied to the arms and legs. Intrigue participants with the limitless, intricate and breathtaking patterns of Henna today!


Badge Making

Desired designs would be imprinted onto badges on the spot. The badges definitely serve as great take-home gifts!

Balloon Sculpting

Balloon Sculpting

Watch as our balloon sculptors twist colourful balloons into pretty flowers or irresistibly cute characters. A guaranteed favourite at any event!


Chinese Calligraphy

Participants will get tips on how to hold a brush in the right way. With a few brush and strokes, they get to watch as their handwriting transform into beautiful chinese characters.


Dream Catcher

A dream catcher is a handmade object that comprises of a loose net woven onto a hoop  Participants will get to make their own dream catcher and bring it home with ‘em to catch some good dreams for the night!

Glitter Tattoo

Glitter Art

Once participants select their desired stencils, they get to have their glitter designs applied immediately. Add some glittery fun to your event with our large selection of glitter art!

Cartoon Caricature

Cartoon Caricature

Cartoon Caricature is the art of doing portraits of people with exaggerated features. Participants will definitely be tickled by their own comedic side!

Temporary Stickers

Temporary Sticker

Participants get to choose the designs that they want on either their face, arms or legs. Within seconds, the temporary stickers are ready to be showed off!

Paper Craft

Paper Craft

Entrill your participants wth the art of paper craft. With a few folds of a card box piece, cute characters magically appear!

Photo Booth

Photo Booth

Grab any props and turn the event into a memorable one with our customised design photo frame or background.



With step-by-step guide from our facilitators, participants will be on their track to making interesting folds on colourful papers!


Western Name Calligraphy

Cute and memorable gifts for your guest. Well liked by kids and family.

Pipe Cleaner Craft

Chenille Stem Craft

Chenille Stem Craft or pipe cleaner craft can be a fun activity for family and kids to work on their imagination skills. Different shapes, design and characters can be made from this simple material.


Express Hair Chalk

Temporary colour your hair during event for more fun experiences! Wide range of colour to choose from.


Shrink art key chain

DIY key chain design shrink art. A mini memorable token for your guest to bring back.

Ice Cream Stick Artcraft

Ice Cream Stick Craft

Using daily material, parents and kids can use their imagination to create lovable puppets to play with. It can also be a book mark!


Perler Beads

Simple activity to promote family bonding. Design is totally up to the guest creativity.

Mask Painting

Mask Painting

Be the character you want to be by painting them! From super heroes, to cartoon characters, your guest can paint their desired artwork through this activity.

sand bottle

Sandart Bottle

Art of layering different coloured sand to create own mini decorative bottle.


Toy Car Making

Recycle, Reuse, Reduce. Using everyday material, guest can make their own toy car!



Candy Floss Machine

Fluffy freshly made candyfloss for your carnival events! All time favorite among attendees.


Popcorn Machine

A carnival classic, our golden popcorn is made on the spot using fresh ingredients. Guaranteed to be a hit for all ages!


Muah Chee

A traditional snack made using glutinous rice, peanut powder and sugar. Chewy and yummy snack for all to enjoy!


Cone Ice-Cream 

Scoop cone ice cream, ready to serve. Several flavor for your guest to choose from. Who doesn’t love ice cream?


Kacang Puteh

Traditional Indian snack, also known as mixed nuts. Several flavor available for guest to choose from, comes with paper cone.


Potato Wheel Snack

A snack that bring back childhood memories in the 80-90s era. It still remain a widely popular item.


Have a corporate show, children party or carnival upcoming? Don’t fret! Our performers range from magicians, singers, Bubble show to Jugglers to suit different themes and audiences.

Do drop us an email for the full list of performers available.



Our emcee is well equipped to host several types of event, from corporate D&D to family day and birthday parties!

Do drop us an email for the full list of emcees available.


    • Tentages
    • Chairs and Table
    • Audio Visual Lighting
    • Bubble Machine
    • Snow Machine
    • Customize Kiosk Booth


Looking for a theme decoration perfect for your event? We’re here to help! Weekends has experience in landscape designing, balloon decorations and many other aspects. We have done wedding decorations, baby shower decorations, kid parties and Corporate dinner and dance functions!

Just let us know what you’re looking out for!


Our sound system is suitable for several event type. It has supported event such as Carnival event, Sports event, Stage performances, Road Shows, AGM and Movie Screening. Contact us to find our more on what are the suitable system for your event.